‘More Than Our Rank’ reaches the places that league tables can’t

This piece was originally published on Research Fortnight on 17 October 2022 A worldwide initiative launching today will let universities celebrate their diversity, says Elizabeth Gadd There are roughly 25,000 higher education institutions in the world and the global university rankings make losers out of 24,999 of them. Despite longstanding and repeated critiques from commentators fromContinue reading “‘More Than Our Rank’ reaches the places that league tables can’t”

Book review: Breaking Ranks by Colin Diver

This post was originally published on the WonkHE blog on 24 August 2022 Over the last four years I’ve spent a lot of time trying to expose the weaknesses of the global university rankings as a reliable way of evaluating the contribution of higher education institutions and enabling comparisons between them. It’s not a difficult job: theContinue reading “Book review: Breaking Ranks by Colin Diver”

Tales from REF Central: Reflections from REF results week

This blog was originally posted on the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) Blog on 26 May 2022 I’ve spent my whole career in higher education, but this has been my first REF at the coalface. And so this month was my first in ‘REF Central’, our institutional hub of spreadsheet-wrangling and story-spinning, fuelled by aContinue reading “Tales from REF Central: Reflections from REF results week”

Research Culture: where do you start?

This post was originally published on the MetisTalk blog on 7 April 2022. Across the UK, a growing number of universities are starting to appoint dedicated research culture staff. At Glasgow, I’ve been lucky enough to take on their research culture portfolio when the fabulous Tanita Casci and Elizabeth Adams, co-founders of Glasgow’s Research CultureContinue reading “Research Culture: where do you start?”

Five steps to healthy research career building

This post was originally published on The Hidden Curriculum blog on 25 January 2022 Elizabeth (Lizzie) Gadd is the Head of Research Operations at the University of Glasgow and a Research Policy Manager at Loughborough University. She leads the International Network of Research Management Societies (INORMS) Research Evaluation Group, the Association of Research Managers &Continue reading “Five steps to healthy research career building”

How (not) to incentivise open research

This post first appeared on The Bibliomagician blog on 29 November 2021 Lizzie Gadd makes the case for open research being required not rewarded. I recently attended two events: the first was a workshop run by the ON-MERRIT team, a Horizon 2020 project seeking to understand how open research practices might actually worsen existing inequalities. AndContinue reading “How (not) to incentivise open research”

Love DORA, Hate Rankings?

This piece first appeared on the LSE Impact Blog on 10 May 2021. Lizzie Gadd argues that any commitment to responsible research assessment as outlined in DORA (Declaration on Research Assessment) and other such manifestos needs to include action on global university rankings. Highlighting four fundamental critiques of the way in which journal metrics and universityContinue reading “Love DORA, Hate Rankings?”

The challenge of measuring open research data

This post was originally published on The Bibliomagician Blog on 24 March 2021 Lizzie Gadd & Gareth Cole discuss the practical challenges of monitoring progress towards institutional open research data ambitions. Loughborough University has recently introduced a new Open Research Position Statement which sets out some clear ambitions for open access, open data and open methods. AsContinue reading “The challenge of measuring open research data”

Elsevier have endorsed the Leiden Manifesto: so what?

This piece was originally posted to The Bibliomagician blog on 22 September 2020 Lizzie Gadd speculates as to why Elsevier endorsed the Leiden Manifesto rather than signing DORA, and what the implications might be. If an organisation wants to make a public commitment to responsible research evaluation they have three main options: i) sign DORA, ii)Continue reading “Elsevier have endorsed the Leiden Manifesto: so what?”

Rethinking the Rankings

This piece was originally posted to the ARMA blog on 14 October 2020. Lizzie Gadd and Richard Holmes share the initial findings of the INORMS Research Evaluation Working Group’s efforts to rate the World University Rankings. When the INORMS Research Evaluation Working Group (REWG) was formed in 2016, Lizzie asked the representatives of twelve international research managementContinue reading “Rethinking the Rankings”